Car Selling Fees in Pennsylvania

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A car title is the document that proves who owns a car. When selling a car, the seller needs to transfer the car title to the new owner — a process that varies from state to state. Here we look at how to transfer a car title in Pennsylvania.  

How to Transfer a Car Title in Pennsylvania

Documents You Need for Pennsylvania Car Title Transfer

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To begin the Pennsylvania car title transfer process, you’ll need the following documents:

  • Photo ID for both buyer and seller
  • Certificate of title
  • Proof of insurance
Once you have gathered the above documents, follow the below steps to legally transfer a car title in Pennsylvania.

What You Need to Transfer a Pennsylvania Car Title

Follow these steps to legally transfer the title of a car:

  • The seller lists the agreed vehicle sale price on the title document.
  • Both buyer and seller sign the car title in front of a Pennsylvania notary. This official will notarize the title.
  • The seller lists the odometer reading on the title document.
  • The seller removes vehicle plates and returns them to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Pennsylvania (unless they want to transfer the plates to another vehicle).
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Laws Surrounding Title Transfer in Pennsylvania

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Here are some laws you have to follow when transferring a title in Pennsylvania:

  • When signing the title, only use blue or black ink.
  • Titles cannot be transferred online — both buyer and seller have to sign the title in the presence of a notary.
  • The buyer is responsible for paying car sales tax (typically 6-8% of the vehicle purchase price depending on buyer location) and the title transfer fee.

Car Selling Fees in Pennsylvania FAQs

What does a Pennsylvania car title look like?

A Pennsylvania car title has “Certificate of Title for a Vehicle” written at the top.

On the front of the car title document, you’ll find details of the car and a Pennsylvania title number. There’s also space for lien information if you have outstanding car title loans in Pennsylvania.

On the back of the car title document, there’s an “Assignment of Title” section. This is the section you need to complete when selling or buying a car.

Where do you sign a Pennsylvania car title?

In Section A of a Pennsylvania car title, there is space for both seller and purchaser to sign and print their names.

Can I register a car without a title in Pennsylvania?

You need the title document to register a car in Pennsylvania. Get the title document from the car seller, ensuring:

  • the title is in the seller’s name only
  • no lien holders have a claim on the vehicle

Can I sell my car without a title in Pennsylvania?

You have to have a title document in order to transfer ownership of any vehicle. If you need to replace a lost car title in Pennsylvania, fill in form MV-380.

Can you add a person to a car title in Pennsylvania?

More than one person can be listed as an owner on a car title document. To add a person to your car title, go through the transfer of car title steps listed above.

Please note, that if you list joint owners on a car title, both parties are equally responsible for the vehicle. 

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