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The automobile industry in the US suffered hugely in 2020 due to the inventory shortages brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s no secret that this caused vehicle pricing to skyrocket. Thankfully, the market looks to be returning to normal in late 2022, so if you’re looking to buy a car this year, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the necessary paperwork. 

Without a doubt, buying a car or selling your old one for quick cash, can be an exciting experience. However, all the paperwork and questions like, “What does a car title look like”” or “Can I get a copy of my car title online?” is not so exciting.  Whether you’re actively in the process of purchasing a vehicle or about to sell your current one, we want to help clear up any possible confusion!  

2 Pieces of Paperwork You Need to Sell Your Car

Car Title

The car title is the certificate given to you by the seller when you buy a car outright — it acts as proof of ownership. A car’s title is issued by the state department of motor vehicles (DMV) and holds information like the owner's name, the VIN, the odometer reading at the time of the sale, lienholder information if the car has been financed, and the title assignment section with details of the buyer and seller.

Car Registration

The  car registration shows that a vehicle is legally permitted to be driven on public roads. All vehicles must be registered with your state when bought. It’s illegal to drive a car that hasn’t been registered and doing so can result in a hefty fine. You must register your car when first buying it, or when moving to another state, and be careful not to let the registration lapse when it comes time to renew.

Car Title Transfer Information:

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Common Questions About Car Title and Registration

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In short – yes, you do!

To buy or sell your car you need both the car registration and car title certificate. You may be able to visit your DMV website and print a duplicate registration document, but you’ll need the original title. 

As previously mentioned, driving a vehicle without first registering it is illegal and will result in a fine, so both new and used cars must be registered with the state when bought. A car’s registration is another form of proof of ownership but it doesn’t show all of the data that a vehicle title does.

You must carry the vehicle registration certificate at all times when using the car, as police will ask to see it if you are stopped for any reason. Failing to produce the appropriate paperwork can lead to a fine in some cases. 

Car registration costs are managed at a state level and unfortunately, each state has its own process and payment requirements. 

The length of time a registration is valid also varies by state, from one to three years roughly. Nevada, for example, charges $33 for vehicle registration which must be renewed annually, while Hawaii charges an annual fee of $45 plus another fee based on the weight of the vehicle. 

If you’re wondering how to get a title for a car, the title transfer fees vary quite drastically from state to state. They can be as low as $4 like in Arizona for example, or as high as $150 like in Illinois. 

When it comes to buying or selling a car, it’s the buyer who’s responsible for paying the fee for title transfers. If buying a car from a licensed dealership, they may collect these state fees from you and submit them to the state on your behalf.

Transferring the vehicle’s title is usually very simple. The seller releases ownership of the car by signing the existing car title. The buyer then takes the signed certificate to their local DMV branch to have a new title issued in their name. 

You always have the option to complete this on your own at your local DMV, DOT or tag agency. However, we can also handle this for you. Simply click on the START PROCESS button above to be directed to our Registration Department.

The service fee is only $299 for any state. We’ll handle the paperwork collection and submission with your state and simply mail you the new registration docs and plates when the process is complete.

All states are a little different. In most cases our title and registration team will collect your sales tax and state registration fees from the buyer and forward to their state.

Some states do require a state inspection or smog certification before the vehicle can be registered. In these cases, our title and registration team will inform the buyer about this process and send detailed instruction on how to complete this quickly and easily.

Car Title and Car Registration Service

At Motobyo, we have solutions in place to help with all of your titling needs. For support with title transfers and registration process check out Motobyo’s Title & Registration service.  Our title support service allows you to skip the trip to the DMV and avoid the hassle. We look forward to working with you!