Motobyo Gives Both Buyers and Sellers Big Advantages in Today’s Tempestuous Used Car Market

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Better Pricing, Better Savings, Bigger Reach through Motobyo's Consumer-focused Marketplace

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – March 1, 2023 – Current U.S. economic trends, coupled with manufacturing and supply-chain issues, aren’t helping everyday consumers. Prices are rising. Selection is limited. And options are few and far between.

That’s very evident in the auto industry. A recent article in Bloomberg Business Week noted that “A shiny new car in the driveway has been an emblem of middle-class prosperity for generations. But for the typical American family, it’s now a distant dream.” Business Week’s headline, “New Cars Are Only for the Rich Now as Automakers Rake In Profits,” says a lot about the state of the consumer market. 

Used cars are where the action is for cost-conscious buyers and motivated sellers. Everyday consumers need an advocate in today’s tempestuous used car market.  Motobyo is “your car guy,” somebody on the side of everyday people. Built by an experienced team of automotive and technology professionals, Motobyo is an automotive e-commerce marketplace connecting used car sellers and buyers.

Shifting the balance of power and control from traditional sources back to the consumer, Motobyo utilizes their platform and patent-pending technology to efficiently connect industry supply to demand. Designed to empower consumers with knowledge, transparency and resources, Motobyo paves the way for everyday people to navigate outside the industry noise and create their own used car journey to success.

Motobyo is the consummate consumer advocate, empowering sellers and enabling buyers. Sellers have the ultimate in sales flexibility through a Cash Offer, an Online Listing or an Auction ListingFAST, EASY, MORE.  And buyers have access to services typically only provided by a dealer – auto loans, vehicle service contracts, 50-state title and registration, insurance, payment protection, and sales tax information.

Disrupting the status quo, Motobyo is monetizing the auto industry inefficiencies and giving that value back to the consumer.

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