Welcome to the Motobyo blog

Motobyo is an automotive tech company that’s changing the way used cars are bought and sold.

We intend to use this blog to bring you recent and relevant used car industry news, automotive event information, Motobyo company updates, funny memes and photos of kittens.

Before we get to the kitten pictures, let us fill you in on Motobyo: who we are, what we’re about and how we’re changing the world.

First off, Motobyo is not a car dealership.

And we’re not one of these new style used car dealerships with a website who are pretending to be a technology company. We don’t own any vehicles and we don’t take title to vehicles. We’re an actual tech company with patent pending technology that helps to connect private party vehicle sellers with buyers; efficiently connecting supply to demand – without any middlemen.

From concept to completed technology, this company was founded to help customers remove the roadblocks that are in the way of private party transactions today. We’re in this game for you, our customers. Every product that we offer and every service that we provide is here to help you complete an efficient and enjoyable transaction – that’s true whether you’re a buyer or a seller. We’re behind you to help you succeed.

So, how does Motobyo help used car sellers?

Well, to start with we have a Quick Cash Offer tool that delivers a market-driven guaranteed cash offer in seconds. If you’re looking for cash today for your vehicle, our cash offer can be redeemed immediately at any one of our area partner Buying Centers. Simply choose a convenient location from our map and go get your money.

Interested in selling your car to a private party buyer to get the best return for yourself? We have you covered there too. We created our own online sale platform where Motobyo members can list their vehicle for sale for a week and receive bids from verified private party buyers. This is not an old style online marketplace where cars are an afterthought or a car website flooded with dealerships who pay for premium placement and bury your ad; the Motobyo marketplace was built for private party transactions and every product or service that helps a private party individual succeed is available.

Either path puts a used car seller on the expressway to success. Once a seller receives the Guaranteed Cash Offer, they’re in the driver’s seat. Either cash out right now or list your vehicle online to maximize your return. Or, do both. Why take a cash offer today when there’s an opportunity to get more in just a few days? You can list your vehicle online on the Motobyo platform for a week and if you don’t get the result you were looking for, simply accept the Guaranteed Cash Offer and go get your cash. That’s a no brainer!

Now for our used car buyers: How does Motobyo help used car buyers achieve their goals?

To start with, we’ve partnered with Midas, Mieneke and other qualified independent automotive repair shops to conduct independent 3rd party mechanical inspections for every vehicle listed for sale on the Motobyo platform. We offer that service for free for all sellers. And, that inspection information gets posted online, in real time, every time a partner shop conducts an inspection for a Motobyo seller. A live estimate is provided online if the vehicle does need any mechanical repair or maintenance now. This provides insight and clarity into the actual mechanical condition of all vehicles for all potential buyers.

We also go well above and beyond merely looking at the vehicle and providing a report. Motobyo offers the best quality protection plans on the market to protect your investment. Extended Service Contracts with multiple coverage levels are available for a wide range of terms starting at only $199. For the first time in the history of the car business, you can get real time pricing for these coverages. You can compare plans, review the pricing, and preview/proof-read an actual contract from the comforts of home. Not sure which plan to pick? Contact us and a protection plan professional will answer any question or concern you may have regarding these plans and services. That’s right, an actual human who knows about the product and is here to help you.

Motobyo has every solution available to help a buyer through the entire vehicle purchase process.

You need a car loan, an insurance quote, or a transportation quote to get the new car home? We have it. You want to skip the trip to your DMV and let us handle the title transfer? We do that! From vehicle history reports to tip, tricks and tutorials, you’ll find it all on Motobyo.

So, why is Motobyo the very best place to list your car for sale? For all the reasons listed above. We empower buyers and provide every solution to help a buyer succeed, which in turn helps the seller succeed. More qualified, informed, educated, and empowered buyers equals more successful sellers.

Motobyo has removed the inefficiencies in an old, stagnant, antiquated business that operates today much like it did when Henry Ford was selling cars. This benefits both private party vehicle sellers and buyers. We’ve removed the middlemen who are involved in every transaction and we’ve connected the supply directly to demand. The result: an efficient marketplace that saves everyone money. No middlemen = no wasted money!

Think about what VRBO did for vacation renters, what Travelocity did for travelers, what UBER did for ordering personal transportation. These companies streamlined inefficient, ineffective businesses. They put technology to work and they empowered people by putting all the right tools at their fingertips. All of these businesses seemed like no-brainers once they were introduced to the market and they’re all widely used now because they represent a real value for the public. The kind of seismic shift that occurred in these industries is what Motobyo represents to the used car industry. It’s the next level.

Now you’re starting to see why the folks here at Motobyo are so excited about what we’re doing and how this is a real game changer for the used car business.

Come back often for updates on everything relating to Motobyo and our rocket-propelled launch in the Philadelphia Market.