Selling a Used Car is Easier than Ever When It’s Listed with Motobyo

Selling a Used Car is Easier than Ever When it’s Listed on Motobyo cover photo man holding car

One-stop Marketplace for a Guaranteed Sale in One Week or Less

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – March 20, 2023 – Motobyo makes selling a used car easier than ever, with all the tools any seller might need to get top dollar without leaving money on the table.

Offering a safe, secure and frictionless path to success, Motobyo lets consumers skip the dealership, with a guaranteed sale in one week or less.

Motobyo eliminates industry inefficiencies and connects private party sellers and buyers directly. Middlemen and associated costs are removed and both parties gain access to the necessary products and services needed to complete their transactions either in-person or from home.

Coming out of the successful “beta” launch in the Greater Philadelphia region, Motobyo continues to enhance the patent-pending platform based on customer feedback, including recent updates that simplify the process of a listing a used car for sale.

The enhanced listing flow, which went live to the public on March 6th,  allows vehicle sellers to post a few photos and launch their ads live in minutes. Whether the Motobyo Auction” or “Online Listing” format is chosen, sellers can now save their progress along the way, complete and post photos and information from multiple devices and put their vehicle in front of a large audience of potential buyers faster than ever.

Motobyo is the only used car online marketplace empowering private party sellers and enabling buyers. 

Vehicle sellers have the ultimate in sales flexibility through a platform that offers a robust variety of sale formats: Online Listing, an Auction Listing or a Cash Offer – FAST, EASY, MORE. 

Buyers have access to services typically only provided by a dealer – instant loan approval, vehicle service contracts, 50-state DMV services, automobile insurance quotes and payment protection services.

Eliminating the middlemen and shifting the balance of power and control from traditional sources back to the consumer, Motobyo is monetizing the auto industry inefficiencies and giving that value back to the consumer.

To see how Motobyo can get you back in the driver’s seat with the only automotive marketplace that guarantees a sale, visit

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