Roadside Assistance Membership $99

Platinum Roadside Assistance Program with Mechanical Repair coverage.

Complete Roadside Protection with 20% Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Nationwide Platinum Roadside Assistance Program plus up to 20% reimbursement assistance for any eligible repair (Pair with the extended warranty of your choice to minimize unexpected repair bills)


Roadside Assistance Membership + additional benefits

Only $99 per year and up to 5 years available. Motobyo’s comprehensive program covering typical roadside assistance items, plus trip interruption service and emergency travel expenses.
The following Service(s) are covered emergency roadside assistance benefits, subject to the one hundred dollars ($100) per occurrence limitation and the aggregate
covered occurrences limitation:
(1) Towing Assistance – When towing is necessary, the Covered Member’s disabled vehicle will be towed up to twenty-five (25) (unloaded/loaded) miles to the nearest
qualified service facility or destination of Your choice.
(2) Battery Service – If a battery failure occurs, a jump start will be applied to start the Covered Member’s Vehicle.
(3) Flat Tire Assistance – Service consists of the removal of the Covered Member’s vehicle’s flat tire and its replacement with the inflated spare tire; if no spare is available,
vehicle will be towed to nearest service facility (under the limits of the towing benefit).
(4) Emergency Fluid Delivery Service – An emergency supply of up to three (3) gallons of gasoline, oil, fluid and water will be delivered to the Covered Member if the
Covered Member’s vehicle is in an immediate need. Member must pay for the fuel or other fluid when it is delivered.
(5) Lock-Out Assistance – If the Covered Member’s keys are locked inside the vehicle, the Motor Club will provide for assistance gaining entry to the vehicle (Covered
Member must provide identification and proof of vehicle ownership at the time that the lockout service is provided) or replacement of (1) one key/remote if key/remote
becomes inoperable or does not allow access to the vehicle.
(6) Winching – When the Covered Member’s vehicle can be reached safely from a normally traveled road or established thoroughfare, the Motor Club will provide winching
service to extract Covered Member’s vehicle from mud, sand, snow, or a ditch, with the use of one person and one normally equipped truck for no than thirty (30)
Custom Domestic Trip Routing Service, Hotel and Rental Discounts: The Motor Club will, upon request, furnish Covered Members with information, maps and trip
itineraries, please allow ten (10) business days advance notice for customized Trip Routing. Call 1-844-241-5518 (toll free). Members are eligible to receive savings when
renting vehicles from AVIS Rental Car Company by calling 1-800-331-1212 and use Discount I.D. Number G728200. Covered Members can also take advantage of savings
when making reservations at the following hotels across the country: Baymont Inn & Suites – Days Inn – Hawthorne Suites – Howard Johnson – Knights Inn – Microtel Inns & Suites
– Ramada Worldwide Super 8 – Travelodge – Wingate by Wyndham – Wyndham Hotel Group. Simply call 800-364-6176 and use the Hotel Discount Number 60012 to make
reservations at any of the hotels listed. Discount codes for hotel and rent-a-car, are subject to change. Contact Customer Service for assistance at 1-844-241-5518.
Emergency Travel Expense: If You are more than one hundred (100) miles from home and Your vehicle is disabled due to a breakdown or accident, the Motor Club will
reimburse up to two hundred dollars ($200) in actual expense to continue the journey, by car rental or commercial transportation and/or room and board while You are waiting on
auto repairs. If a disabling event occurs at a location where You are temporarily employed, this benefit is limited to transportation expense only. Each Covered Member will be
permitted up to one (1) covered occurrence per twelve (12) month Membership term.
Motor Club Terms and Conditions: The following terms and conditions must apply to qualify for coverage under this DEALER LOYALTY PROTECTION Motor Club
Membership Plan. Throughout this Membership defined terms whether capitalized or bolded have a defined meaning or value.
(1) Membership benefits extend to the Covered Member(s) only. “Covered Member(s)”, “Member” is defined as the enrolled member(s) registered with the Motor Club.
(2) Important: A Covered Member must be with the vehicle when the service provider arrives, as they cannot service an unattended vehicle; You will be charged a service fee
for any unattended service attempts. “Covered Member(s)” “Member”, “You”, “Your” is defined as the person(s) registered as a member of DEALER LOYALTY
(3) Service provided must be a covered benefit under the terms and conditions of this Membership. To obtain service just call TOLL FREE 844-241-5518 to speak to a
dispatcher who will dispatch a service vehicle for a covered emergency. “Service(s)” is defined as items 1-6 under the covered emergency roadside assistance benefits
above. Note: Any Service obtained through any source other than the Motor Club is not covered and is not reimbursable. However, in the event that the Motor Club is
unable to provide service, upon Your request You will be authorized by the Motor Club to obtain service from another service provider. In this event, You will be reimbursed
for any payments made for authorized covered service(s) up to the specified benefit limits. To receive a reimbursement form, you must call 1-844-241-5518.
(4) Your Membership must be active, and You must contact the Motor Club directly for service at 844-241-5518. “Membership” is defined as the agreement between You and
the Motor Club.