Motobyo® Offers a Robust, Free Library of Pro Tips, How To Videos, and impartial Information for Used Car Sellers and Buyers

Motobyo the car guy you can trust

Make Motobyo Your “Car Guy” with Advice You Can Trust

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – September 13, 2023 – When everyday people have questions about buying or selling a car, they often look for advice from their “car guy” – a relative, a neighbor, a mechanic, or someone in their group of friends that they trust to give them advice about what to do.

Now, there’s a new digital car guy that consumers can turn to, 24/7/365, with resources and impartial information that gives everyday people free access to advice they can trust.

Motobyo®, the automotive marketplace powerhouse designed for everyday consumers, is that “car guy,” with a robust, free library of pro tips, “how to” videos, and impartial information that can help anyone become a pro when it comes to buying or selling a used vehicle.

The private party sale process starts with a consumer understanding the value of the vehicle that they’re considering selling. That’s where Motobyo’s patent-pending valuation technology takes over – not only providing a cash value that can be redeemed immediately at a Motobyo partner location, but the pricing tool also provides guidance to consumers who prefer to sell on the private party market.

Motobyo is all about making it easy to sell or buy a used car, and we’re here to help in any way we can,” said Ron Averett, CEO of Motobyo. “This is what sets us apart from other online marketplaces – we give away information, advice, and counsel, as well as best practices for selling and buying a used car one-to-one, peer-to-peer. Our robust video content provides great, timely information and impartial advice that furthers our customer-friendly focus. We are an impartial resource – we’re your car guy!”

Beyond simply making cash offers for vehicles and providing value guidance, Motobyo has created exclusive video content, available on the Motobyo website, including over 60 “pro tips” provided by auto industry experts on topics that help a consumer buy or sell a vehicle for the right amount of money in the shortest time, prepping their vehicle for sale, organize sale paperwork and other topical content.

All the videos and other information are readily available either while using a laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device, giving everyday people resources to succeed in selling or buying a used car.

Motobyo enables private party individuals to buy and sell vehicles, without the typical inefficiencies associated with the used car industry. Empowering both sides of the transaction, sellers get top dollar value without leaving money on the table, while buyers pay less than retail value and gain access to products and services typically only offered by a dealership.

Providing a platform unparalleled in the used car industry – Motobyo is directly connecting vehicle supply to demand – saving every consumer time, headaches, and money. To learn more about Motobyo visit


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