Motobyo is a technology company changing the way that peer-to-peer used cars are bought and sold. The secret sauce is in the way our patent-pending pricing tool is combined with our proprietary marketplace to provide a recipe for success for both buyers and sellers – cooking up a win-win-win scenario. Disruption comes in the way the Motobyo business model eliminates inefficiencies in an antiquated auto industry that hasn’t evolved very much since Henry Ford introduced the Model-T. Motobyo is not a car dealership. We don’t own any vehicles and we don’t take title to vehicles. We’re an actual tech company with patent pending technology that connects private party vehicle sellers with buyers – efficiently linking supply to demand – without any middlemen. From concept to completed technology, Motobyo was founded by both tech and auto industry veterans to help everyday consumers remove the roadblocks that are in the way of a successful transaction. Think about what VRBO did for vacation renters, what Travelocity did for travelers, what Uber did for ordering personal transportation. These companies streamlined inefficient, ineffective businesses. They put technology to work, and they empowered people by putting all the right tools at their fingertips. All of these businesses seemed like no-brainers once introduced into the market. They’re all widely used now because they represent real value for the public. The kind of seismic shift that occurred in these industries is what Motobyo represents to the automotive industry. It’s the next level. Investors in Motobyo succeed thanks to the way our technology works in concert with our asset-free business model and strong national partnership network enabling rapid expansion and many revenue streams.

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