Motobyo® Launches Motobyo Products, Expanding its Mission to Make Auto Ownership Easier and More Affordable

Motobyo Products

A la Carte” One-Stop Shopping for Car Care, Insurance, Protection, Title & Registration & Vehicle Accessories Now Available at Motobyo

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – July 10, 2023 – Motobyo®, the automotive marketplace powerhouse designed for everyday consumers, not dealers, today launched the new Motobyo Products online store as an enhancement to the platform.

Through Motobyo Products,private party used car buyers and sellers gain exclusive access to “a la carte” products and services that are difficult and time-consuming to source, and in many cases only available through dealerships. 

Among the products available today are vehicle protection plans, insurance, title and registration services, car care services and select vehicle accessories. Also available are pre-purchase services such as vehicle inspections and DMV services (including title transfer and registration), as well as special packages of services available to anyone buying or selling a used car.

We are enhancing our private party used car marketplace with the addition of our new Motobyo Products store, as a response to feedback from our customers and users of the Motobyo platform,” said George Lekas, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Motobyo.

If you are someone who just bought their car off lease, or you are selling your used car to a family member, friend or colleague, Motobyo Products gives you a way of adding these products without any hassle or headaches, in one easy-to-use marketplace,” Lekas said. “We know that it is never a question of if the car will break down but when – and the costs of parts and services always goes up. Motobyo gives the everyday consumer the power to get the same type of products that you would find if you walked into a dealership, but without the mark-up.”

Motobyo plans to add other auto-related services to the Motobyo Products menu in the near future, including “dent and ding” repairs, tires and other car care items.

Motobyo enables private party individuals to buy and sell vehicles, without the typical inefficiencies associated with the used car industry. Empowering both sides of the transaction, sellers get top dollar value without leaving money on the table, while buyers have access to services typically only provided by a dealer.

Providing a platform unparalleled in the used car industry – Motobyo is directly connecting vehicle supply to demand – saving time, avoiding the normal hassles and headaches and providing consumers with value not available anywhere else in the industry.

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