Enjoy Peace of Mind from Third Party Used Car Inspections with Motobyo

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Peace of Mind from Independent, Third-party Car Inspections Validate that Used Cars Offered through Motobyo are Road Ready

Let Motobyo Be “Your Guy”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – November 21, 2022 – Everybody has their “guy” – the guy they go to when they are looking to buy a used car. “Can I meet you somewhere and have my guy look at it?” is the oft-heard phrase from interested buyers.

Now, Motobyo can be your guy.

Before Motobyo, buying and selling a used car online was built on an element of trust. This trust was often broken, and the car being sold was nothing like the car described. Because to a seller, nothing could possibly be wrong with “their baby.”

Trust is a key element of any major financial transaction, especially on a big-ticket transaction like buying or selling a used car. There are over 13 million private party used car transactions in the U.S. every year, but are those transactions ending with both parties happy with the deal they just made? There was no guarantee that the seller was being truthful about the car, until Motobyo stepped in to guarantee that peace of mind.

Motobyo is designed to make both parties happy with the used car transaction, and a key to that satisfaction is creating trust and ensuring that the vehicle listed on the Motobyo e-commerce platform is ready for the road.

“Other online auto platforms from famous brands, including Facebook and Craig’s List, are not equipped to create an independent, third-party inspection that helps both buyers and sellers complete the transaction in a fair and transparent manner,” said George Lekas, founder and Chief Operating Officer of Motobyo. “That’s why the third party inspections and the vehicle history reports as part of the listing are at the core of our Motobyo used car marketplace, and why we’ve partnered with leading national companies like Your Mechanic, Midas and Meineke, as well as AutoCheck and CarFax to ensure people know the car they are getting, giving both parties peace of mind.”

For those selling their vehicle, third-party inspections from Motobyo partners provide an independent assessment of any issues and the costs of any necessary repairs or maintenance. This creates an information baseline for the seller, so they don’t have to answer the same question time and time again from each interested potential buyer, and greatly expands the market audience of potential buyers beyond your own backyard. Sellers also benefit by being positioned to optimize their offer by providing the buyer the ability to obtain an extended vehicle protection plan (which may be one of their requirements to complete a sale).

Buyers benefit from their access to the full details of the third-party inspection. This level of insight allows them to bid confidently knowing the condition of the car. Additionally, buyers now have a broader universe of available cars since “their guy” no longer has to see the car and give them his seal of approval. Motobyo’s partnerships give used car buyers the convenience of an easy access point and guaranteed pricing to get the repairs if necessary once they purchase the car, as well as the ability to purchase extended vehicle protection plans.

 The peace of mind created by third-party validation, coupled with Motobyo’s patent-pending pricing engine and auction platform, provides used car sellers the opportunity to make more than a dealer trade-in, and used car buyers the opportunity to buy the car you want at the price you want.

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