Motobyo, the New, Tech-Driven Used Car Marketplace Puts the Control – and the Money – Back into the Hands of Real People – the Buyers & Sellers of Used Cars

Horsham, PA – June 27, 2022Motobyo, the tech-driven used car marketplace built for people who want to enjoy – and succeed – buying and selling cars again, flips the script on an antiquated business model in the auto industry that has frustrated individual consumers for generations.

Simply put, Motobyo harnesses the power of disruptive technology with the aim to give sellers more money when they sell their car and save buyers more money when they buy their car.

Launching next month, Motobyo gives used car buyers and sellers more value and control than they can get anywhere else, with more information so that consumers make their own best decisions. Motobyo provides free resources including “how to” tutorials and vehicle research tools so that consumers know what they should be considering and what to expect.

Both buyers and sellers find all the services they need to successfully complete a transaction with Motobyo, with the ultimate result, a pair of empowered consumers performing a safe, fast, secure and completely transparent transaction.

For those who want to sell a vehicle – and eliminate the uncertainties – Motobyo offers two “hassle-free” ways to sell their vehicle easily and safely. Sellers can choose to receive an instant cash offer to sell immediately, or they can choose to list their vehicle on Motobyo’s online auction and maximize their return when they receive bids from verified private buyers. Either way, sellers are guaranteed a sale in ten days or less.

For those who want to buy a vehicle – and enjoy the experience – Motobyo offers a wide variety of autos for sale from private party sellers as well as a full range of world-class services to complete a seamless transaction. What sets Motobyo apart from other online marketplaces is trust and transparency. From independent third-party inspections and mechanical protection plans to 50-state DMV services and instant financing options for your new vehicle, Motobyo stands behind you.

Take a look at what Motobyo can do for you – we invite you to visit our website at

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